Last Quarter the Most Fruitful

20 Apr 2017
Last Quarter the Most Fruitful

Super Rugby 2017 has already seen its fair share of point scoring achievements, but it’s the final quarter of games that have proven to be the most fruitful for teams looking to pile on the points or catch up to their opposition.

Nearly 30% of all points scored this season have been scored after the 60-minute mark, three percentage points more than any other quarter.

The South African contingent have been the main proponents of this scoring trait towards the latter point in the game, with their six sides scoring 31% of their total tries in the final quarter of games.

In fact, every nation has scored more than one quarter of their tries in the final quarter of games this season, with the Australian squads’ 26% the lowest of any group.

Interestingly the Australian and New Zealand teams have needed some time to warm up. They’ve scored 20% and 21% of their tries respectively in the opening quarter of games this season, notably less than the South African and Argentine/Japanese groups (both 24%).

In total, the New Zealand teams top the competition in both quarters surrounding the half-time break when it comes to tries scored; although, they’ve scored just one fewer than South African teams in the final quarter despite having one fewer team participating in the competition.

Australian teams’ second half performances show them to be the only instance of teams having scored more tries in the 20 minutes immediately after the restart of play than in the 20 minutes prior to the interval.

While it’s unsurprising to note that the Hurricanes lead the scoring in each quarter among individual teams (in fact, they’re the only team to have scored 10+ tries in every quarter), it’s a South African duo alongside the Sunwolves who up the ante the most in the final quarter.

The Bulls (47%) have scored nearly half of their total tries in the final quarter of games this campaign, significantly more than any other team in the competition, while the Lions and Sunwolves (both 39%) rank in at equal second in that category.